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Hotify is a sustainable fashion startup and your fashion destination where you can browse through our exclusive category collections and lease your favorite designer’s outfit to style yourself up for your every day look and special events/occasions by smartly renting it.
Upon receiving your order, kindly be gentle and care about the outfit, just like you care about yours and return it after the rental period.
Once delivered, it can’t be returned anymore. In case, you cancel your order upon receiving it, the entire amount paid for the amount will be dissolved i.e. no refund will be generated.
For the first time users, the shipping will be free of cost, but subsequently the shipping cost will be applied depending upon the distance (km.) from our office to your place.
Unfortunately, as a penalty you’ll have to pay the security fee along with some extra charges depending on the costume type as determined by the office team.
You can mail us at hotifyltd@gmail.com or you can directly cancel the order on the website by selecting the “Cancel” option. Also, you can make a doorstep cancellation if you don’t need the product anymore.
In case, you received a damaged product, get back to us immediately and depending on your requirement we’ll either get you a substitute for the same or refund the whole amount. We advise you to check the product thoroughly upon receiving when the delivery boy is still at your doorstep to avoid and mishaps.
While browsing through a product you can share the product via the small app icons under the product. Also, there’s a separate option that allows you to refer Hotify to your beloved ones. You will get a bonus point on each referral and redeem them later for future discounts on next orders.
To reach us, you can either mail us at hotifyltd@gmail.com, business.hotify@gmail.com or call us at +91-6375091699 | +91-7000050957, or send us a message directly from our page. You can search us on Google, or get to us at Instagram or you can download our app.
To ensure payment convenience we accept both pre & postpaid methods, i.e. CODs, UPIs and Razorpay & Debit cards.
You can rent an outfit for 3 days. Your outfit will be delivered to you a day before your event. On the second day you can wear it through the event and on the next following day i.e. the third day you have to return it.
At Hotify, we greatly care about your time and hence, we try our best to make punctual on time deliveries so that you can have that perfect look on your special day. However, due to any inconvenience any sort of delay occurs we’ll immediately inform you. Furthermore, our delivery executive will connect to you over a call and confirm with you the available time slot to avoid any discommodity.
No, there are no such criteria. You just have to pay the security deposit.
Yes, we have segregated and categorised our products on our website under different category heads thus enabling you with the ease of navigation and the comfort of browsing through the options as per your required event.
Generally the amount for security deposit is refunded. However, in cases where the product returned is either severely damaged or if it is not returned at all then the entire amount will be forfeited. We will also send you an email mentioning all the points thoroughly for such forfeiture.
You can either mail us, if the product is still unpaid, you can change the product if it is available. But, if your order has been already placed, then the amount paid is non-refundable, although, you can exchange the outfit if it is available for that period.
Our delivery executive will contact before the delivery or pick-up of the order. You can decide the time slot based on your convenience.
At Hotify we already make the changes for you, however if required then yes you can make the necessary alterations, but kindly visit a professional tailor rather than doing so at home. In case, if the outfit gets damaged then you have to pay the penalty. Pick the correct size precisely from the beginning to avoid such cases.
Once the order is placed and delivered, then the amount paid on such order is non-refundable.
Although available in all sizes, to avoid any inconveniences please refer to the size chart on the website from the drop-down menu, beside the product and also proceed with the size that you are comfortable with when you shop from other sites. For any further doubts regarding the same, you can also contact us directly via a phone call or sending us a mail.
Yes, once the rental period of 3 days is over, an amount of 20% will be deducted per day from the security deposit.
After the rental period is over, an amount of 20% will be charged and deducted from the security amount per day. And the overall late fee will be summed up on the basis of the overall delay in the return of the product.