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Become Hotify's business partner

We believe in progressing together. Whether you are a full time rental shopkeeper or a individual one we have a room for you. Join hands to grow together.

Benefits of being a Hotify's partner
  • Now your shop is available 24*7 without your physical presence
  • Coming online will widen your circle.
  • You will have an additional means of increasing your income.
  • You can earn 40-50k per month by joining hands with hotify.
  • You will get the business even in off season from different cities.
What hotify needs from you ?
  • You have to fill the onboarding form mentioned above and need to pay the rs 500 only as onboarding fee.
  • Hotify doesn't have a dress of its own, but if we get your address, you'll have to give us a neat and clean outfit.
  • profit percentage will be vary between 50-70%